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How to master an honours nomination (with BSL interpretation)

Event date: 9 February 2021

Start: 11:30 am

Finish: 12:30 pm

About the event

We all know a community hero who deserves an honour but how do they end up on the honours list? In the New Year’s Honours List 65% of awards went to people who had done outstanding work in or for their local community.

This one hour session gives a behind the scenes look at how the honours system operates, and gives top tips on what to include in your nomination.

Honours recipients shared their experiences in British Sign Language and there is also advice from one of the honours independent committee members on what they look for in a nomination.


The Honours System is for all UK citizens. The honours nomination form is available in an accessible easy read format designed for people with a learning disability.

The easy read format uses:

  • simple, jargon free language
  • shorter sentences
  • supporting images

The way we give honours – Easy read version (PDF, 13 pages – 2.8MB)

Suggesting someone for an honour – Easy read version (PDF, 34 pages – 4.3MB)