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Dr Josh Johnson

2019 | New Year Honours

“My honours award for the years of working in my chosen fields and expertise brings joy and delight to myself and the people here in Wolverhampton, also nationally and internationally. I can only hope that the people who nominated me realised the intense pride that I feel.”

Joshua Johnson with his MBE following an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London.

Dr Josh Johnson collected his MBE from Buckingham Palace in 2019 after being named on the New Year Honours List 2019 for services to Karate and the community in Wolverhampton. For the last 50 years, he has taught karate at the highest level and is now 8th Dan Black, one of the highest graded black belts in the UK. He established a karate club in Wolverhampton, which has grown to become a nationally recognised centre of excellence. Not only was he a successful karate fighter, twice winning the Chester and North Wales Open but many of his students have emulated his success by winning national, European and world titles.