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Jolene Miller BEM

2020 | Queen's Birthday Honours

Jolene Miller BEM, Train Driver, Northern Trains Ltd and Volunteer Paramedic. For services to the NHS during Covid-19

Jolene Miller has contributed a tremendous amount to help key workers since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. On alternate weeks she drove Northern trains transporting key workers to their workplace and on the second week she returned to her previous role as Paramedic with the NHS. As Jolene had maintained her professional membership as a Paramedic, she felt that she could make a difference volunteering for the NHS, and rather than go back full-time she came up with the idea of splitting her time to do both roles. She provided voluntary critical care for those with COVID-19 and went to extraordinary lengths to keep critical services going both in the frontline NHS and frontline transport services. On the weeks she was with the NHS she was working at her local Accident and Emergency department on the COVID-19 side as a hospital liaison officer. She triaged patients as they arrived by ambulance enabling them to get the most appropriate care and looked after the patients until rooms became available. This allowed the full-time paramedic crews to get back out on the road to respond to the next emergency. She received a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2020.